Legeica arid

Arid is a color that pets can be turned into via an Arid Potion. It features pets in whites and light grays with marroon highlights.

Did You Know?Edit

  • Arid pets are often associated with snow and the cold and can be confused with albinos.
  • Arid items are described as dull, boring, lifeless, and colorless.
  • Arid Aeanoids are actually sensitive to the sun, due to their pale coloring. Unlike most Aeanoids, who soak up the sun, the Arid must be careful and stick to the shade most of the day.
  • The Arid Escalade is a mythological subetapet that roams through the darkest areas, howling in anger as it continues its quest to avenge the murder of his master.
  • Arid Charlies have hearts of ice.

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