The Antlephore is a deer-like pet.


The Antlephore is a light brown deer with darker brown legs and a cream torso. It has several cream spot on it hind. It has light antlers and blank, cartoonish eyes, one of which is slightly smaller than the other.

The Antlephore currently comes in all 29 different colors, including Angelic, Chibi and Nightmare.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Antlephore is a limited pet and is not always available for adoption.
  • There were many complaints about the revamp of the Antlephore as many users preferred the original cartoonish style. It is now more widely accepted as it fits in with the current style of Subeta.
  • Antlephores are considered rather clueless pets.
  • Antlephores shed their antlers each autumn.
  • They are herd animals, and can be found primarily in Veta Lake.

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