The Aeanoid is a plant-based pet.


The Aeanoid has a thin, green body with purple spots. Its body ends with a multitude of curled vines. It has two dark green leaves in the shape of hands and a row of sharp thorns running down its neck and around its eyes. It has large golden eyes and its mouth has jagged teeth reminiscent of the Venus fly-trap.

It currently comes in 26 different colors, including Angelic, Hydrus and Reborn.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Aeanoid cannot be adopted like a normal pet. You must first obtain an Aeanoid Seed and plant that in the Gardens. The Aeanoid will be available when the seed is ready for harvest.
  • Aeanoid is the genus of the Venus fly-trap, Dionaea, spelt backwards.
  • Their roots continue to grow even if they are cut off.
  • The spikes on an Aeanoid are very sensitive. They even help them predict weather forecasts such as rainfall and sun.
  • Nightshade is a Twilight Aeanoid that runs Darkmatter Dice.

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