Adriette Lockwell is a young French girl who designs intricate brass jewellery.

During the night hours, Adriette "seduces well-to-do young gentlemen" and gives them a Brass Petal with her initials engraved as a memento of her conquests. Before he was murdered, Vernon Yun was the target of her attentions, much to the distress of Jules and Vernon himself.

She is frequently seen during the Masquerade held on Atebus flirting with young gents and joining in with the gossips. She is best friends with Victoria Ventura and is the love interest of Jules Yun, although she is apparently rather oblivious to his feelings. She has a pet sun manchu named Ballou.

In 2017 she realised that she was surrounding herself with toxic relationships and was pulled into an underground dance club by a friend. This even changed her and she now does not speak with her exaggerated French accent - which she says she lost long ago as she has been in Ziara for years - and is now focussed on bringing Upper and Lower Ziara more together and being true to herself.

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